Even though you feel your smile is not quite right, you do not notice any problems with your teeth. You brush and floss regularly, get your dental checkups and your teeth look bright and white when you smile. There is another issue going on when you smile as well. It looks as though you have more gum tissue showing than teeth, making your smile look awkward and out of place to you. You hate the way it looks, and you find yourself smiling less and less. This condition, sometimes called a gummy smile, can be aggravating to you but it is also quite correctable. There are several options open to you to explore so you can see what you can do about a gummy smile in Beverly Hills.

Sorting through Treatments

Different treatments are available for a gummy smile, but many of them have specific drawbacks to them that you want to consider. The quickest and cheapest option involves the use of Botox. You can get Botox shots in your upper lip so that it hangs further over your gum line, covering the gum tissue more so that you just show your teeth. The problem with Botox is that it wears over time so that you need to get shots continually to maintain the look. This procedure only works well if the issue is with your lip, not with the jaw bone. There are also more radical surgical procedures that involve realigning the jaw bone, or cutting away gum tissue to make your teeth look longer. These procedures are complex, lengthy, expensive and uncomfortable to recover from.

The Better Option

For those looking for a solution to a gummy smile in Beverly Hills, we at the Total Smile have a better option for you. A technique pioneered by our dentist, Dr. Alex Farnoosh, involves a lip lowering procedure that is much less invasive and more effective than other options. This procedure can be done alone to lower your lip and obscure the excess tissue, or it can be combined with other surgical or non-surgical options to give you the best results.

A Consultation to Learn More

The best way to learn about your options for treating a gummy smile in Beverly Hills is to come to our office and receive a consultation from Dr. Farnoosh. You can arrange an appointment with our office at the Total Smile when you call us at 310-657-0503. You can get a complimentary consultation to discuss your situation and the treatment options that are right for you so that you can get the perfect smile you have been seeking.

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