You always want your smile to look its best, but lately, you have noticed that something seems different about the way your smile looks. Upon closer inspection, you notice that your gum color seems darker than it has been before. You immediately have concerns regarding the cause of your darker gum tissues and seek medical advice from your dentist. Your dentist may inform you of several potential causes of dark gums, including genetics, medications you take, smoking and other possibilities. Whatever the cause may be, you have decided you want to change how your gums look. The best option available to you is to go for the innovative treatment of gum bleaching in Beverly Hills that we offer at the office of Dr. Alex Farnoosh.

Different Than Other Treatments

There are periodontists in other locations that can treat your dark gums, but their treatment methods are likely to differ greatly from what we offer. The standard treatment today for dark gums is the use of lasers to remove the dark gum tissue. While the treatment can be effective for you, it does not offer long-term results, meaning you will need to return time and again for treatment to keep the dark tissue away. Laser treatment is also known to have a painful recovery time after treatment, something you may not wish to experience. Our treatment goes beyond what others offer to provide you with the best, most pain-free results.

An Innovative Approach

Dr. Farnoosh is the inventor of a technique for gum bleaching in Beverly Hills that is unlike treatment you will find anywhere else. His treatment involves a combination of gum whitening with a dermabrasion technique that can completely remove the darkened gum tissue for you. Patients do not experience a painful recovery from the procedure and over the many years we have offered this treatment, there has been a 100% long-term success rate so you can get rid of dark gum tissue forever.

Find Out about Our Treatment

If you are interested in the possibilities that our gum bleaching in Beverly Hills can offer you then you want to contact us at the office of Dr. Alex Farnoosh right away. You can give our office a call at 310-657-0503 to arrange an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Farnoosh. Dr. Farnoosh will examine you and provide you with the best options for your personalized treatment plan so you can leave with the pink, healthy look to your gums and smile that you want.

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