Celebrity periodontist and Beverly Hills dentist Dr. Alex Farnoosh recently launched a new Web site with comprehensive information about the latest dental treatments and new features like video and patient before and after photos.
Beverly Hills, CA (March 21, 2008) – Celebrity cosmetic dentist Dr. Alex Farnoosh, DMD, MSD, PhD has just released an updated Web site (www.thetotalsmile.com) filled with the latest information on Beverly Hills dental implant, gummy smile, and lip lowering treatments. Dr. Farnoosh’s site provides consumers and patients who are searching for a cosmetic dentist or periodontist in Los Angeles with information about available dental services and insightful advice.
Dr. Farnoosh’s innovative “Total Smile” approach incorporates the three key aspects of oral care: Beautiful Teeth, Pleasant Looking and Healthy Gums, and Attractive Lips. By focusing on each patient’s Total Smile, Dr. Farnoosh is able to achieve a stellar looking smile worthy of a celebrity.
Many people search the Web looking for a highly qualified dentist in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles. “Without the Web,” says Dr. Farnoosh, “finding a great dentist would be primarily based on luck and it would be much harder to get good information about the dental services available.” Thanks to new and innovative Web sites like the one launched by Dr. Farnoosh, consumers can now get information about available dental procedures from the comfort of their own home.
The Beverly Hills dentist’s site also offers a “Total Smile Gallery” displaying before and after photos of people who have improved their smile with a range of dental services, including gum bleaching to treat gum discoloration, dental implants, and correction of gummy smile.
Whether a person needs preventive care, tooth-colored porcelain fillings, crowns and veneers, teeth whitening or other dental services, Dr. Farnoosh is able to implement safe and proven methods to achieve the results his patients desire. Dr. Farnoosh offers a full range of services through his office and affiliate providers, including Dental Implants, Laser Tooth Whitening, Aesthetic Gum Treatment & Gum Bleaching, Gum Grafting & Bone Grafting, Lip Lowering & Treatment of Gummy Smile, Treatment of Periodontal Disease by Laser, Cosmetic Dentistry & “Smile Makeovers,” Zoom Teeth Whitening & Topical Fluoride Sealants, and Preventive Care & Gentle Teeth Cleaning.
For a limited time, Dr. Farnoosh is offering people who are not his current customers, but who are looking for a periodontist / dentist in Los Angeles, an opportunity to become familiar with his services through a Complimentary Initial Visit where they will receive:

  • A Personal Consultation with Dr. Farnoosh for up to 30 minutes
  • A Complete Dental Exam
  • Gum Disease Screening
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Bite Analysis
  • Color Evaluation (for Whitening)
  • Jaw Joint Exam (TMJ)

Dr. Farnoosh plans to keep updating his site with recent photos of patients so that his Web visitors can see the results that are possible with modern dental techniques performed by a skilled periodontist.

Looking for a highly-trained cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles? Request an appointment with Dr. Farnoosh to learn more about his innovative services and treatments.
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