Researchers also examine the stain removal ability of various tooth bleach and stain-fighting toothpaste.
Beverly Hills, CA (August 2012) – According to data published in 2009, over 54% of Americans drink coffee regularly. Though many individuals enjoy this popular beverage, they most likely do not enjoy having stained and discolored teeth. A variety of foods and drinks can lead to a less than white smile, but coffee and tobacco tend to top the list of tooth enamel staining culprits. Recently, researchers evaluated the power of widely available tooth bleaching products and stain removal toothpaste against coffee and tobacco discoloration and further examined the susceptibility of the tooth enamel to such factors over time. Top Beverly Hills Periodontist Dr. Alex Farnoosh comments, “Though the dangers of tobacco use are widely known, many people still engage in this habit and put their smiles at risk. Individuals may not even be aware that coffee drinking can also dull a dazzling smile, and as the study finds, is actually more of a staining threat than tobacco. Because many people enjoy coffee drinks daily, this research is incredibly helpful to dental professionals like myself to better protect the aesthetic quality of the teeth of our patients.”
Published in the Journal of the American Dental Association (Vol. 143:5, May 2012), researchers sought to evaluate the stain removal ability of tooth bleaches and toothpaste with regard to coffee and tobacco. They also found that coffee stains tooth enamel more permanently than staining from tobacco and leaves the enamel more susceptible to restaining. By testing the baseline color of 40 bovine labial enamel surfaces with a colorimeter, they subjected half of the samples to coffee immersion and the other half to tobacco utilizing a smoking machine. The end result produced significant discoloration in both groups and at similar levels, but only the tobacco group showed a pronounced reduction of staining after being treated with stain-fighting toothpaste. Both groups were then subjected to a 6% hydrogen peroxide at-home bleaching system that was successful in removing all of the discolorations. Researchers were able to further determine that regardless of the stain removal method used, the coffee group has a higher restaining potential then the tobacco group leading them to conclude that coffee consumption can increase the staining susceptibility of tooth enamel when compared to tobacco use.
The overall health of teeth and gums is best represented by a beautiful smile, free of discoloration and decay. As a leader in Beverly Hills periodontics and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Alex Farnoosh knows firsthand the concerns of patients in achieving a dazzling smile. In addition to his expertise in laser tooth whitening, he is the founder of a revolutionary same day gum bleaching method to remedy dark and discolored gums. Dr. Alex Farnoosh states, “Keeping good dental habits is not always enough to keep a smile looking it’s best. Many factors like coffee drinking and tobacco use can further dull the teeth, which would require a more strategic approach to keeping a smiling white. This research is essential to keeping my patients informed and best prepared against any threat to their teeth.”
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