Smiling is one of the most attractive things that he human being can do, but many people feelunder confident about their smile due to minor issues with their gums. One example of this is a gummy smile, which is where you have attractive teeth but tend to overexpose the gums when you smile. In the most attractive types of smile, the top lip for rich just above the upper edge of your teeth, but with a gummier smile, you will see a much greater amount of gum tissue. Visiting our gummy specialist in Los Angeles can be the best way to recover your smile.

Overcoming Excessive Gum Display

Experts estimate that around 15 percent of Americans are affected by this type of smile, and that they tend to avoid smiling in order to avoid the issue. There are several different causes of gummy smiles, including a lip which is hyper mobile and is not properly attached to the gum, lips which are too thin, overbites and short teeth, or even abnormal growth of gum tissue or tooth eruption. This can mean that in order to overcome this problem, you need to talk to our specialist about the best way to reduce the amount of gum showing when you smile.

High Quality Gum Reduction

In the past, if you wish to reduce the amount of gum that you displayed when you smiled, there were only a few, very painful operations which could be performed. Modern dentistry means that there is a much wider range of different treatments which could be offered. Some include tightening the gums, correcting the amount of lip displayed, or using other minimally invasive correction techniques.

Let Us Give You a Great Smile

We believe that you can get a great smile when you visit our gummy specialist clinic in Los Angeles. By making use of modern techniques, we can help you to recover a more natural smile, and to suppress the amount of gum being shown. We can also help you to overcome other issues with your gums and teeth, so that you get a great smile. Allow us to show you a new way to smile, and start making use of your natural attractiveness. To discuss how we can help you, visit our website to use our online form, or call us at 310-657-0503.

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