Most of us may not think much about dental care beyond the regular visits we make to our dentist. Your dentist will perform the basic exams, checkups, x-rays, and treatments you need, but for times when problems or more complex, detailed, or specific, you may need to see a dental specialist. Depending on your specific needs can determine the type of specialist you see. If you are having issues with gum health, you likely will be referred to a periodontist to work with you. A quality 洛杉矶牙周病医生 当您需要帮助保持或实现以下目标时,我们的 "全面微笑 "医生将是您的最佳选择 正确的牙龈健康.


牙周病医生可以帮助您解决从细小到非常复杂的牙龈问题。虽然我们中的许多人或多或少都有过牙龈疼痛的经历,但这种症状可能并不像牙龈退缩或牙龈出血等症状那样严重。您的 牙周病医生 可以帮助您确定牙龈健康状况,然后制定适当的治疗方案,为您提供最大帮助。在某些情况下,可能只需要进行一次深层清洁来清除细菌,而其他问题可能会更加棘手,需要进行牙科手术来帮助修复牙槽骨或牙齿缺损。


像亚历克斯-法诺什医生(Dr. Alex Farnoosh)这样的洛杉矶牙周病医生可以帮助您恢复正常的口腔健康。作为一名牙周病医生,法诺什医生拥有丰富的经验。 美容牙医 in the Los Angeles area, and he can help you achieve the levels of good health you need to be so you feel better and look better. Dr. Farnoosh has helped thousands of patients over the years get their smiles back so that they are proud to flash their healthy teeth and gums for every smile with the family or presentation performed at work.


To move towards better oral health and get the proper gum care you need most, make an appointment with a periodontist in LA who will provide you with the best care here at The Total Smile. You can arrange for a consultation with Dr. Farnoosh easily by either using the contact form on our website at 或致电我们的办公室:310-657-0503。


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