Most of us may not think much about dental care beyond the regular visits we make to our dentist. Your dentist will perform the basic exams, checkups, x-rays, and treatments you need, but for times when problems or more complex, detailed, or specific, you may need to see a dental specialist. Depending on your specific needs can determine the type of specialist you see. If you are having issues with gum health, you likely will be referred to a periodontist to work with you. A quality periodontist in LA like we offer at The Total Smile can be just the person to see when you need help maintaining or achieving proper gum health.

From the Small to the Complex

A periodontist can assist you with gum issues ranging from the small to the very complex. While many of us have experienced gum soreness at one time or another, this symptom may not indicate as serious of an issue as something like receding gums or gum bleeding can indicate. Your periodontist can help you determine the state of your gum health and then develop the proper course of treatment to help you the most. In some cases, it may be a matter of getting a deep cleaning to get rid of bacteria while other issues may be tougher and involve dental surgery to help repair bone or tooth loss.

Getting Back to Good Oral Health

A periodontist in LA like Dr. Alex Farnoosh here at The Total Smile can help to put you back on the path to proper oral health. Dr. Farnoosh has vast experience as a periodontist and cosmetic dentist in the Los Angeles area, and he can help you achieve the levels of good health you need to be so you feel better and look better. Dr. Farnoosh has helped thousands of patients over the years get their smiles back so that they are proud to flash their healthy teeth and gums for every smile with the family or presentation performed at work.

Care for Your Gums the Right Way

To move towards better oral health and get the proper gum care you need most, make an appointment with a periodontist in LA who will provide you with the best care here at The Total Smile. You can arrange for a consultation with Dr. Farnoosh easily by either using the contact form on our website at or by giving our office a call at 310-657-0503.

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