Gummy Smile Reduction in Los Angeles

Providing Gummy Smile Reduction and Dark Gum Bleaching in Los Angeles for Over 25 Years

Los Angeles is known for beautiful weather, star-studded neighborhoods, and the Hollywood film industry. There is so much to do in LA. You don’t want to miss a beat. If you feel insecure about your smile, you can miss out on a lot. Our gummy smile reduction treatment might be right for you. Please keep reading to learn more about this treatment before setting up a free consultation.

Gummy Smile Treatment in Los AngelesOur cosmetic dentist, Dr. Alex Farnoosh, has helped many people in Los Angeles achieve the smiles that they love. He has been performing this gummy smile surgery for more than 25 years. The results that we have provided are consistent. They are also well-loved by our patients who have felt that their life has drastically improved since receiving the treatment. If you want to stop hiding your smile from the world, we would love to get you set up with a free consultation right away.

Your free consultation with our experienced Los Angeles dentist is your time to get comfortable and informed. You will meet Dr. Farnoosh and his team who will perform the treatment for you. You can ask any burning questions you have about the procedure as well.

We want you to be confident in your smile. To learn more about this gummy smile reduction treatment we provide in Los Angeles, please keep reading.

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Gummy smiles are generally regarded as unattractive. It can distract people from the rest of your face. When you feel self-conscious about your smile, it can have a big impact on how you live your life. You may never smile with teeth for photos. You may try to avoid showing people your true smile. There are studies that have been done linking low self-esteem with a dislike of the appearance of your smile. We want to be able to give you the confidence you are missing.

When we assess clients who have gummy smiles, most of the time it is due to the hypermobility of their upper lip. Their lip moves too much, showing off their gums when they smile. Our gummy smile reduction treatment we provide can take care of this issue and prevent your lip from being hypermobile.

You will be numbed in the top lip for your treatment before we begin. You likely won’t feel any discomfort. The procedure is very straightforward. We have been performing them for so long that has become very routine. We make strategic incisions in the upper lip to prevent it from being hypermobile. They will be sutured up for recovery and you may temporarily feel like the lip is tight. We advise against making big facial moves to avoid disrupting the incisions while they heal. It is as simple as that.

If you would like to meet with our experienced cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles, we would be more than happy to hear from you. We are passionate about helping our patients look and feel their best.

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You don’t have to be ashamed of your smile forever. Our gummy smile reduction in Los Angeles can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. This confidence can be a catalyst for change. You can feel the positive impact this has on your whole life. Feeling confident can change your life for the better. To schedule your free consultation with Dr. Farnoosh, give our office a call today.