Cosmetic Dentistry

Few facial features convey as much personal expression as your smile – it is an integral part of your image and your interaction with others. While conventional dentistry can help you maintain the health of your teeth, the world-renown cosmetic dentistry of Dr. Alex Farnoosh an experienced cosmetic dentist and gum specialist (periodontist) in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills can give you the Total Smile.

He understands that a beautiful smile is comprised of not only healthy teeth but also healthy, attractive gums and appealing lips. To learn more about how cosmetic dentistry can help you achieve your ideal smile, request a consultation with Dr. Alex A. Farnoosh, or call (310) 928-1796 to schedule an appointment.

Expert in Gummy Smile & Dark Gum Correction

Certified by the American Board of Periodontology International authority on cosmetic dentistry Invented minimally invasive gummy smile correction techniques Pioneered patented gum lightening treatment Authored 40+ works in medical journals Trains dentists in gum bleaching and gummy smile treatments Transformed smiles of thousands of patients around the world.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Specializing in the Total Smile

Gum Bleaching
Dr. Farnoosh performs procedures for the teeth, gums and lips to create a radiant smile that can enhance your confidence while maintaining optimal oral health. Through decades of training and experience, he has refined both his technical and aesthetic capabilities to provide you with the Total Smile, a beautiful smile that you deserve and will want to share with the world.

Cosmetic Dentistry: The Art and Science of a Beautiful Smile

When seeking a cosmetic dentist, many patients overlook the importance that the gums play in a healthy, beautiful smile. Dr. Farnoosh is a board-certified periodontist who specializes in keeping your gums looking and feeling their best.

He is the inventor of patented methods of dark gum treatment, and his treatment methods have been featured in both professional journals and in the popular media. He also performs gum grafting for the treatment of receding gums, as well as bone grafting and ridge preservation for cases of underlying bone deterioration.

Dr. Farnoosh is renowned as a cosmetic dentist, particularly for his innovative gummy smile correction procedure to improve “gummy smile”. Many people are embarrassed by the prominence of their upper gums when they smile. Dentists often address this concern by removing or repositioning gum tissue, or by performing extensive, costly orthognathic surgery on the upper jaw.

Dr. Farnoosh has developed a relatively straightforward, effective lip lowering procedure which corrects gummy smiles safely and comfortably, with excellent long term results. Dr. Farnoosh offers dental implants to permanently replace missing teeth and restore beauty and function to the mouth.

How To Choose The Best Cosmetic Dentist?

If you want a brilliant, enviable smile that goes beyond healthy teeth, cosmetic dentistry may be an option for you. Many dentists in Southern California offer some cosmetic procedures, but few offer the qualifications, experience, and specialized procedural options that Dr. Farnoosh provides.

He is a leader in the field of cosmetic dentistry, with a roster of high-profile patients who rely on him to keep their smiles looking and feeling their best. Each of Dr. Farnoosh’s patients receives top quality care in a comfortable, caring environment.

To get started on your smile makeover, request a consultation with Dr. Alex A. Farnoosh. Or, call (310) 928-1796 to set up an appointment.

5-Star-Review---The Total Smile - Dr. Alex Farnoosh - Los Angeles Gummy Smile

The best dentist around! I hated going to the dentist when I was younger, but when I switched to Dr. Alex Farnoosh, he changed my mind. He was so gentle and was constantly making sure I was comfortable and pain free. I felt very safe and trusted him. Everyone in the office was so friendly as well. I would definitely recommend him! When you go to Dr. Farnoosh, you know you’re in good hands! – Debbie N.