Sedation Dentistry

If you want dazzling teeth that give you a real reason to smile, don’t let anxiety prevent you from achieving your goal. Dr. Farnoosh understands how you feel, and he has the answer: sedation dentistry at his Beverly Hills office.

This revolutionary option allows you to undergo dental procedures without pain, without fear, and – in most cases – without needles.

Beautiful,Getting,Woman,Inhalation,Sedation,At,Dental,Clinic - Sedation Dentistry in Los Angeles - Dr. Alex FarnooshFor many men and women in Los Angeles, sedation dentistry provides the solution they’ve been seeking for years. Endlessly postponing procedures such as gum grafting because of fear can be a frustrating experience.

Now, with sedation dentistry, Dr. Alex A. Farnoosh, Beverly Hills periodontist, offers a safe and effective way to ease your worries. This innovative technique can make even complex procedures like hypermobile lip surgery (lip-lowering surgery) seem as if it only lasted a few minutes.

Make today the day you turn your wish for an attractive smile into a reality: Request an appointment with Dr. Farnoosh. Or, call (310) 928-1796 to set up a consultation.

Expert in Gummy Smile & Dark Gum Correction

  • Certified by the American Board of Periodontology
  • An international authority on cosmetic dentistry
  • Invented minimally invasive gummy smile correction techniques
  • Pioneered patented gum lightening treatment
  • Authored 40+ works in medical journals
  • Trains dentists in gum bleaching and gummy smile treatments
  • Transformed smiles of thousands of patients around the world

Understanding Sedation Options

To provide you with a stress-free way to achieve the beautiful smile you’ve been seeking, Dr. Farnoosh offers an extensive range of options for sedation dentistry at his Los Angeles office.

Sedation Dentistry

During your consultation, he will explain those options and recommend the best one for you. Options include:

Nitrous Oxide: Dr. Farnoosh administers this mild sedative through a nose hood during the procedure. It can elevate your mood while minimizing pain and anxiety. For example, black or discolored gums can turn a potentially delightful smile into one that you want to hide. With nitrous oxide, you can feel relaxed and positive while Dr. Farnoosh performs gum bleaching.

That treatment, which lasts less than an hour, will restore the radiance of your teeth – and, thanks to the sedative, you’ll be pleasantly amazed at how quickly the time passed!

IV Sedation: Administered with an injection into the bloodstream, this moderate sedative can make you feel as if you slept through your procedure.

If anxiety has made you hesitant about a much-desired procedure such as gummy smile treatment, IV sedation can soothe those fears. If you opt for this method, you will need to have someone drive you home, as you may feel somewhat groggy following your appointment.

Oral Conscious Sedation: Dislike needles? For many of Dr. Farnoosh’s patients, sedation dentistry with this method is an effective choice. Most patients say they didn’t recall any aspects of their procedure.

The oral sedative is taken prior to the appointment, with additional doses administered as needed during the procedure. For longer procedures such as dental implants, this approach offers a way to enjoy all the benefits of the treatment while feeling comfortable and confident.

“No Fear” Sedation Dentistry

For those who associate dental appointments with fear and discomfort, sedation dentistry offers a proven way to minimize anxiety. Many of Dr. Farnoosh’s patients have discovered that their pain is dramatically reduced with this technique.

In addition, because Dr. Farnoosh offers so many different types of sedation dentistry and bases the choice on your personal preferences, health, and procedure, sedation dentistry can be used for an array of procedures.

Because Dr. Farnoosh believes in “no fear” dentistry, he has created an extensive range of ways to provide you with comfort and convenience. For example, you can listen to music or watch a movie using “virtual reality” glasses in the dental chair while having your gummy smile treatment.

Dr. Farnoosh and his staff are highly experienced in easing patients’ concerns. Their goal is to provide you with a comfortable, quick, and positive dental experience. To help them achieve that goal, it’s important that you be honest with them about your fears. That way, they can work with you to make your appointment a relaxing one with a happy outcome.

With years of experience and extensive knowledge of his field, Dr. Farnoosh is dedicated to providing his patients with healthy, dazzling teeth. Now, with sedation dentistry, you can join those patients in achieving beautiful teeth and gums without fear or anxiety.

5-Star-Review---The Total Smile - Dr. Alex Farnoosh - Los Angeles Gummy Smile

Dr. Farnoosh was recommended to me by a friend who went to him for teeth whiting. I’m so glad she told me about his office! I’m a nervous patient, no matter what the procedure, Doctors visits just give me anxiety. However, both the staff and Dr. Farnoosh were so friendly and relaxed, I was able to calm down a bit and not be such a sissy about it all. They explained all the options and the procedure itself was relatively quick and totally painless. And my teeth look great! I now recommend him to my friends. – Lisa M.