As much as we may not want to believe it as a society, people do judge us on how we look. First impressions can mean everything to you today, particularly when you are looking for a new job or meeting someone for a date for the first time, so you want to be able to put your best foot forward right away so you can make a great impression. Many of us may find this difficult to do when we are unhappy with the way our smile looks. If your smile looks off to you, you are less likely to display it often and feel self-conscious every time you meet someone, affecting your levels of confidence. To make sure you have the smile you want and are proud to show, you want to come to The Total Smile for the help you need.

Explore a Smile Makeover

Our practice specializes in cosmetic dentistry and periodontal treatment to help bring out the beautiful smiles that our patients desire. Our doctor, Dr. Alex Farnoosh, is a well-established cosmetic dentist and periodontist in the Los Angeles area and has treated thousands of patients who live around the globe, helping them achieve better smiles that can be life-changing. His expertise has helped him to develop special treatment methods when it comes to gum treatment that has changed the industry, and he teaches his innovations to other dentists and periodontists all over.

Stop Feeling Embarrassed

You should never feel embarrassed to flash a smile, and you should strive to feel good about yourself and your abilities all the time. The treatment you can get from us at The Total Smile can completely change your outlook on life and make you feel better than you have in many years. We can provide you with treatment services that can help lighten gum tissue, take care of that gummy smile, give you dental implants and crowns to make your teeth shine, and much more.

All it takes is a Phone Call

All it takes is a phone call to our office, The Total Smile, to take the first step toward getting that smile you want. You can reach our office by calling 310-657-0503 to speak with us, ask questions about treatment, or arrange a free consultation with Dr. Farnoosh to meet him and us and find out all we can do for you. Your transformation can begin today, and you can start to feel better about what your future holds for you with a fantastic smile to show.

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