Periodontal Disease & Treating Gum Disease

Periodontal Disease Treatment in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills

Do you struggle with painful, bleeding gums? Does it hurt when you chew or brush your teeth? These are signs that you may have periodontal disease, a severe infection of the gums.

Periodontal disease is a very common dental condition that can lead to tooth loss if left untreated. When you find yourself showing signs of this condition, it’s time to find a good periodontist who can help!

Dr. Alex Farnoosh is a cosmetic dentist who is board-certified by the American Board of Periodontology. He specializes in various procedures at his practice, The Total Smile.

With more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Farnoosh is a leading provider of periodontal disease treatments in the Beverly Hills area. His work has been featured in the International Journal of Periodontics, and he is so renowned, patients come from all over the world to seek his treatment.

To learn more about periodontal disease and The Total Smile treatments with Dr. Farnoosh, read on.

What Is Periodontal Disease?

Also known as gum disease, periodontal disease refers to a serious gum infection that can damage the soft tissue and bone supporting your teeth. Periodontal disease is incredibly common, affecting more than 42% of people over the age of 30 in the United States.

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There are two main types of periodontal disease that affect people: gingivitis and periodontitis. At The Total Smile, we treat every type of gum disease with innovative treatments and technology. Learn more about gingivitis and periodontitis below:


Gingivitis refers to inflammation of the gums. With gingivitis, patients typically notice their gums bleeding when brushing their teeth. Gums can become painful, swollen, and begin to recede, revealing the root of the tooth.


Periodontitis refers to inflammation of the bones and tissue of the teeth. With periodontitis, patients often experience bad breath, pain with chewing, and swollen, bleeding gums. As the disease progresses, teeth can become loose and shift position.

Common Questions About Periodontal Disease

While nearly half the adult population has some extent of periodontal disease, most people still know very little about it. The following are a few of the most frequently asked questions that patients have about their gum disease:

What Causes Periodontal Disease?

When you find out you have gingivitis or periodontitis, you’ll likely wonder what caused it. You may have practiced good oral hygiene, but still developed gum disease. So what happened?

Periodontal disease is caused by a number of things that increase the sensitivity and vulnerability of the gums and surrounding tissue. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Plaque buildup
  • Bacteria in the saliva
  • Tobacco use
  • Certain medications
  • Hormonal changes
    • Pregnancy
    • Puberty
    • Menstruation
    • Menopause
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic stress
  • Poor diet
  • Grinding teeth

While things like diabetes, hormonal changes, and the use of certain medications can all lead to gum disease, it’s important to maintain proper dental hygiene to decrease your likelihood of developing the condition.

How Can It Be Resolved?

The only type of periodontal disease that can be cured is gingivitis. When the patient begins an appropriate dental hygiene routine, they can essentially reverse the disease.

This includes brushing twice a day, flossing twice a day, and rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash.

With that said, the underlying cause of your gum disease may still be at play. Patients with diabetes or chronic stress, or those who use certain medications may see gingivitis symptoms return.

For more advanced types of gum disease, treatment is needed to correct any damage. With periodontal disease at this level, the patient may still experience severe symptoms. These patients will need to uphold a very stringent level of dental hygiene to avoid any progression of the disease.

What Happens if Periodontal Disease Is Left Untreated?

If left completely untreated, gum disease can progress to cause more serious issues for your dental health. This includes tooth loss, tooth root exposure, pain and sensitivity, bleeding, and nerve exposure.

Studies have shown that severe periodontal disease can even have significant health consequences throughout the rest of your body. Serious gum disease has been linked to things like stroke, heart attack, bacterial pneumonia, and more.

The Total Smile Periodontal Disease Treatments

If you have periodontal disease that has caused bleeding, pain, receding gums, or other symptoms, it’s time to seek treatment before the disease continues to progress. Here at The Total Smile, we offer several innovative options for treating the symptoms and effects of periodontal disease.

Laser Treatment

Advancements in the industry have led to the most innovative ways to treat periodontal disease. One such method is with laser treatments. At The Total Smile, Dr. Farnoosh offers laser treatments to reduce the symptoms of gum disease and slow—or even stop—its progression.

Laser treatments for periodontal disease use a laser to target diseased gum tissue, removing the tissue without the need for scalpels or surgical procedures. This maintains the healthy surrounding gum tissue, giving the area the best chance to heal.

Gum Graft Surgery

Left untreated, severe periodontal disease can lead to gingival recession. Gingival recession is when the gums start to recede, eventually exposing the tooth root.

When this happens, patients can experience pain, bleeding, and extreme sensitivity. It’s also worth noting that many people find an uneven or receding gum line to be unsightly and unattractive.

When periodontal disease has caused receding gums, the best course of action is to have gum graft surgery. Gum graft surgery is a procedure in which tissue or material is used to shore up areas where the gums have receded and exposed tooth root, bone, or nerves.

Dr. Farnoosh specializes in an innovative gum graft surgical technique that involves no scalpel and no sutures.

Traditional gum graft surgery involves harvesting tissue from the patient’s palate and using it to restore the gum line.

With Dr. Farnoosh’s technique, a naturally derived material called AlloDerm is used to restore the health and appearance of the patient’s gum line. This results in less pain and a quicker recovery time.

Dental Implants

Severe, untreated periodontal disease can eventually lead to tooth loss. If you have lost teeth due to periodontitis, you can have a whole new smile, thanks to Dr. Farnoosh. The Total Smile offers dental implants with Dr. Farnoosh to help you regain your confidence and restore the beauty of your smile.

Dr. Farnoosh uses artificial tooth roots made from high-strength titanium to anchor a new dental implant where you have lost a tooth previously. This helps you to maintain the integrity of your once youthful smile!

Periodontal Disease Treatment With Dr. Alex Farnoosh

If you’re in need of treatment for periodontal disease in the Los Angeles area, look no further than Dr. Farnoosh at The Total Smile!

Dr. Farnoosh is an industry expert who has developed advanced techniques to treat gum disease. His approach to periodontics and cosmetic dentistry has earned him worldwide praise and inspired other dentists to adopt some of his methods.

With the help of Dr. Farnoosh and the staff at The Total Smile, we can get your gum disease under control and bring your beautiful smile back once and for all. To treat your periodontal disease and experience top-tier dentistry, request a complimentary consultation with Dr. Alex Farnoosh today.

When it comes to periodontal disease, what you don’t know can hurt you. Only 2 in 10 Americans think they have some form of periodontal or gum disease, when in fact studies have shown that more than 75% of American adults over age 35 have at least one of these diseases. Fortunately, gum specialists offer cosmetic gum surgery and other treatment options for periodontal disease – and they’re safer than ever.

Find out how to keep your gums healthy: request a consultation online or call (310) 928-1796 to set up a consultation with Dr. Alex A. Farnoosh, a cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles and celebrity periodontist serving Beverly Hills.

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  • Certified by the American Board of Periodontology
  • International authority on cosmetic dentistry
  • Invented minimally invasive gummy smile correction techniques
  • Pioneered patented gum lightening treatment
  • Authored 40+ works in medical journals
  • Trains dentists in gum bleaching and gummy smile treatments
  • Transformed smiles of thousands of patients around the world

Gum Disease Concerns

There is a good reason why my patients are unaware of their gum infections: in most cases periodontal disease is painless until its most advanced stages. Left untreated, periodontal disease can cause bad breath, swollen and bleeding gums, receding gums, extremely sensitive teeth and, eventually, tooth loss.

In fact, periodontal disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. It is important to remember that even if you have none of these symptoms, you still may have periodontal disease.

Periodontal DiseaseIn addition to your oral health, recent studies have shown that periodontal disease may be a risk factor for many systemic diseases and conditions. Research indicates a relationship between periodontal disease and subsequent development of cardiovascular disease, fatal heart disease, stroke, bacterial pneumonia, and pre-term low birth weight babies. Even contributing to pancreatic cancer.

Participating in regular checkups and treating periodontal disease early is the best way to maintain your overall health.

Anyone who suffers from red, swollen and tender bleeding gums, gums that have pulled away from the teeth, or persistent bad breath likely has a form of gum disease. In addition, there are certain factors that increase your risk of developing periodontal disease.

For instance, if you smoke, you are much more likely to develop periodontitis. Other risk factors include taking certain medications that reduce saliva production, living with certain illnesses like diabetes or cancer, and experiencing high levels of stress. If you have any of these symptoms or risk factors, I encourage you to visit me, a highly qualified periodontist, for an evaluation.

Gum Disease Treatment Benefits

There are several reasons not to delay in seeking treatment for periodontal disease:

  • After treatment, you should experience much less pain and discomfort around the gums, and the treatment also should greatly reduce bad breath.
  • By undergoing treatment and continuing to take good care of your teeth and gums, in most cases you will be able to avoid tooth loss.
  • According to recent studies, maintaining a healthy and disease-free smile will help improve your overall health.

Laser Treatment for Gum Disease

As an oral surgeon serving Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, I now offer laser dentistry for gum disease treatment. Laser light directed through a small fiber is able to remove diseased, infected tissue around the teeth and help reduce bacteria.

Laser periodontal therapy minimizes discomfort, controls bleeding, and offers faster healing time than conventional procedures. Laser gum disease treatment allows me to achieve results comparable to traditional therapies with many added benefits.

In addition to laser dentistry, I also offer procedures such as flap surgery and tissue grafting to resolve more serious cases of periodontal disease. No matter what level of infection you have, I will be able to help you address your periodontal disease through one of many treatment methods available.

The main goal of treatment is to control the infection – any treatment I perform will require you to maintain good daily hygiene at home.

Risks and Recovery

There are very few risks associated with periodontal disease treatment. By far, the bigger risk is avoiding treatment and losing your teeth. Your recovery period should be minimal, with only minor discomfort in most cases.

If you would like to know more about gum disease, Los Angeles gum specialists or laser dentistry, request a consultation to talk with me in person.

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Dr. Farnoosh is an amazing periodontist. My mother has been suffering from gum disease for years, and has had multiple surgeries to address it. When we finally found Dr. Farnoosh, everything changed. He has been able to address the issues, and we haven’t had to do any additional surgery since coming to him. He’s also a really caring dentist, and great to work with. – Lauren M.