Can Gum Disease Be Prevented?

Watch this video to learn more about some causes of periodontal disease, as well as how susceptibility for gum disease can vary from person to person.

The gum disease can be prevented because the cause of a disease, a dental plaque or bacterial plaque, which is what we call a biofilm, is that thin layer that consists of different types of bacterium. In fact, once you are flossing, if you hold it in front of a light, you may be able to see a whitish yellowish layer of bacteria, which smells really bad in many cases that causes the bad breath or halitosis.

So that’s cause of a disease. The most important factor here is susceptibility of individual, because the causative factor is the same that been to dental plaque, good bacterial plaque. What is different, however, is the susceptibility of individuals. Some people are more prone for gum disease and alveolar bone loss and losing support around the teeth, and some people are less susceptible.

So causative factor is bacterial plaque. Some of them are gram negative, some of them gram positive, but for different reason and through different pathway causes the bone loss and destruction of supporting a structure and losing the tooth.