Each year for the past three years, international patients have grown over 100 percent due to specialized dental procedures offered by Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Alex Farnoosh.

Top Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist and founder of The Total Smile, Dr. Alex Farnoosh witnesses an increase in international patients every year, a phenomenon known in the industry as medical tourism. Dr. Farnoosh alone has had a 100 percent increase in international patients each year for the past three consecutive years. Because of Dr. Farnoosh’s proprietary “gummy smile” procedure as well as the gum bleaching techniques used by the Beverly Hills dentist, patients are traveling to Los Angeles for procedures; often just quick visits for the weekend and then returning home.

Dr. Farnoosh suggests that “patients are coming to me from all over the world for lip lowering to correct their gummy smiles, which makes their upper lips look fuller too without any special dermal filler. Patients come to Beverly Hills when they are unable to find good solutions for this problem in their home countries, even in countries with sophisticated medical systems such as Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany. The procedures that those dentists are providing do not have the same desired outcomes that the patients are looking for and achieving here in Los Angeles.”

Many patients from all over the world seek out Beverly Hills dentist/periodontist Dr. Farnoosh for his innovative techniques and superior results. Typically, medical tourism is driven by cost, and coming out to Beverly Hills will save money for patients when they are receiving the best care possible in addition to getting the results they want. The reason why so many people come to see Dr. Farnoosh from all over the world is that they want the care that is the best in cosmetic dentistry and his ability to provide unique treatments for “gummy smiles” and dark gums not available elsewhere, which has made him a leader and innovator in the practice throughout the world.

One of Dr. Farnoosh’s patients, Foad, traveled from Dubai to receive treatment. Foad asserted that “I had been hiding my smile for years by holding my hand in front of my mouth because of my ‘gummy smile.’ When I was searching for an easy solution I came across Dr. Farnoosh’s gummy smile video on the Internet. I flew from Dubai to Los Angeles and had the treatment done by Dr. Farnoosh and left Los Angeles three days later. I had no discomfort, and no complications and was extremely pleased with the outcome of treatment. Dr. Farnoosh and his staff were great! Now, I am a different person and I smile all the time with confidence. The 18-hour flights were worth it!”

A patient with a gummy smile before and after the procedure

To help make it easier for men and women across the United States and throughout the world to benefit from Dr. Farnoosh’s specialized treatments for dark gums, “gummy smiles,” and other dental concerns, the Los Angeles cosmetic dentist created a Fly-In Dentistry program for patients. If a patient is interested in flying to Los Angeles for treatment by cosmetic dentist Dr. Farnoosh, he/she can call Dr. Farnoosh’s practice for complete information and assistance with travel arrangements, hotel accommodations, and much more. By providing photos over email or through the mail, patients can have Dr. Farnoosh perform a preliminary evaluation of their dental needs. As part of the Fly-In Dentistry program, patients also can complete a medical history and other required paperwork before their visit, so they can focus on receiving treatment and beginning their recovery.

“We have partnered with several area hotels that offer convenience and many of the luxuries of home away from home,” adds Dr. Farnoosh. “As a Beverly Hills dentist, I am centrally located for family members of patients to have access to many popular attractions, including shopping, museums, and other award-winning tourist attractions.”

Even the American Dental Association (ADA) has paid close attention to the idea of medical tourism, especially when it comes to cosmetic dental procedures. The ADA acknowledges that patients come to the United States seeking, “availability and the quality of care provided,” by dentists in the United States. The ADA also points out that, “linking dental visits with business travel, particularly for businessmen from countries where the quality or sophistication of dental care is below American standards, can be advantageous to American dentists.”

Dr. Farnoosh is one of the few cosmetic dentists worldwide who offers unique specialized treatment for numerous dental conditions including, “gummy smiles,” dark gums, and gum bleaching. His comprehensive approach to cosmetic dentistry – known as The Total Smile – requires all three elements of beautiful teeth, pleasant-looking gums, and appealing lips. This approach continues to help patients improve their smile, attractiveness, oral health, and self-confidence.

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