People of all ages become disenchanted with the way their smiles look. For some, it may be an issue of how straight their teeth are. Or maybe their teeth need whitening to look brighter. Issues like these are fairly common. What can someone do when they see how much gum tissue they’re showing every time they smile? An issue like this can greatly affect the way your smile looks and inhibit you from smiling often. You may not be aware that there are treatments available that can correct this for you. Of all the treatments you can learn about, you will find that the best treatment for a gummy smile in Los Angeles can be found at our facility at The Total Smile.

Typical Smile Treatment Methods

The Best Treatment for Gummy Smile in Los AngelesThere are several typical treatment methods used by cosmetic dentists and periodontists to address your gummy smile. In some cases, doctors use lasers to cut away the excess gum tissue. They may also use a scalpel to perform the procedure. This procedure can lead to a painful recovery time for you, and it is not always effective, meaning you may have to have the treatment repeated just months later. Crown lengthening surgery is also available to trim the gums and bone to make your teeth look longer. In some cases, orthognathic surgery, where the upper jaw is broken and bone removed, is used to get results. These surgical methods are costly, and uncomfortable, and have risks and complications associated with them.

A Better Treatment Method in Los Angeles

For a better treatment for a gummy smile in Los Angeles, look to the techniques we provide at The Total Smile. Our doctor, Dr. Alex Farnoosh, developed a lip-lowering surgery that provides a much better option for treatment than the others available. Gummy Smile treatment is much less invasive than the other surgical methods available and does not pose risks, complications, or difficult recovery time. The treatment is also much less expensive than the other surgical methods you will find.

Come for a Smile Consultation

The way to learn if our treatment for a gummy smile in Los Angeles is the best option for you is to visit us at The Total Smile for a meeting with Dr. Farnoosh. Dr. Farnoosh will review your case with you and provide you with a detailed evaluation so you can see what options are best for you and how well our procedures can work for you. You can call our office at 310-657-0503 to schedule a consult with Dr. Farnoosh and take the first step towards getting the best smile possible.

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