Can a Mouth Reject a Dental Implant?

Watch this video to learn more about the possible scenarios in which a dental implant would not be a viable option.

Can I reject a dental implant. I’m not really happy with, the, reject is maybe is not the best term but there are cases that actually implant would not fuse with the bone. I would say the implant is failing. The best example if a patient is uncontrolled diabetic condition, that’s a no no for placing the implant. If someone has a radiation or chemotherapy or severe osteoporosis, those cases, or immunosuppression.

Like, for example, someone has age. So those cases would be they are not a good candidate because the implant may not fuse with the bone. And we call it failing. But as far as using the word rejection, although for easier for the patient to understand when you say, well, your body reject the implant. But in reality what it means that means the implant did not fuse with the bone it’s still loose or causing the infection. It has to be removed.