Does a Gummy Smile Change With Age?

Watch this video to learn more about the role that age plays in in the development of excessive gingival visibility.

Does the gummy smile change with age? From what we know, the aging process because of a gravity, the upper lip begin to kind of come and get to the lower level. Many times will cover the gum or many times will cover even the dentition, the teeth. So the problem is the gummy smile, usually when I’ve seen a young adult and younger individual.

That’s an important issue because what it does, they are afraid of the smile. They’re more or less they play two tricks. Either they hold the hand, try to hide their smile, or other cases that I’ve seen, they train artificially their facial muscles in such a way that when they smile or talk, they will not go too far up.

Which is not a true expression to keep in mind. A smile is inner happiness when you try to create that artificial expression. It doesn’t look good. So the younger adults will be a major portion of the patient that have seen concern about the gummy smile.