Dr. Alex Farnoosh Introduction

Watch this video to learn more about Dr. Alex Farnoosh and his vast experience as a professional and an educator in dentistry and periodontology.

Hello, welcome to our website. I’m Alex Farnoosh, I’m a periodontist. My specialty is treatment and diagnosis of periodontal disease as well as placement of implants. I’ve been practicing in Beverly Hills, the same area, same location for more than 35 years. Almost 40 years. In addition, academic wise, on a tenured professor at USC, I’ve been course director for undergraduate and graduate programs at USC.

I’ve placed more than 2000, probably more dental implants and treated wide range of gum disease or periodontal disease. My specific interest and specialty is treatment of the gum discoloration. The term that I introduced back in 1980 when I invented a technique which called gum bleaching, and also in addition, I have been treating gummy smile patients with the gummy smiles, and I’ve had patients as far as Hong Kong, Dubai, every single state in U.S. and I’ve treated thousands of patients, whether they had problem with the gum discoloration, needed gum bleaching or they needed gummy smile treatment.

So I have follow up cases as far as gum bleaching up to 25 years, 30 years changing color of the gum tissue. In fact, when I invented the technique, had a tremendous positive response because everybody assume you cannot change the color of skin, you cannot change the color of the gum.

So when the first time I did it, I was getting so many emails coming to me and complimenting me for that treatment modality. So I will be more than happy to see you. If you need, we can offer you a complimentary consultation to come in. I will examine your gums or if you need a gum bleaching the status of the gum tissue.

If you need a gummy smile treatment, I’ll be happy to give you my recommendation and discuss the treatment options and the costs, and we can go from there.