Beverly Hills is the heart of good health, depending on who you ask. It’s got most of the country’s best plastic surgeons, heart surgeons and even periodontists. The problem is that there are many such good periodontists Beverly Hills, so choosing the right one for your kind of problem might prove difficult. Below we list a few routes you can use to find the best periodontist in Beverly Hills for you.

  1. Ask your doctor for recommendations

Who better to ask medical recommendations from than your personal doctor? The assumption is that he or she will have your best interests at heart and recommend someone whose skills they trust.
best Periodontist in Beverly Hills

  1. Ask your friends and neighbors

They might or might not have had any periodontal procedures performed on them yet, but your friends and neighbors can be wonderful sources of recommendations of good periodontist Beverly Hills. Tell them to ask their friends too, so you can get as many as possible.

  1. Use social media for recommendations

The power of social media is such that it’s filled with people that are willing to be helpful and almost always online. A quick request for recommendations on your Facebook wall or Twitter timeline can get you quick, helpful results. You can also ask around in niche Facebook or Reddit groups on related topics.

  1. Use a quick Google search

Google will always get you answers, but you will have to sieve them. Try to use keywords such as ‘periodontist Los Angeles,’ ‘periodontist Beverly Hills’ or ‘gum specialist.’ You can also add a local touch to your search query with keywords like ‘periodontist Brentwood’ or ‘periodontist Buena Park.’
When you find many options to choose from, use the tips below to sieve out the best for you:

  • See if they’re registered and licensed by California’s state licensing authority. This should be as easy as a quick search via the Medical Board’s website on the internet.
  • Use Yelp reviews. Yelp reviews of the periodontist practice are a good way to know how former clients felt before, during and after working with him, in addition to factors such as how skilled he or she seemed.
  • Use Google reviews. Google reviews should be used in addition to Yelp reviews for comparison purposes. Google reviews also come with star ratings, which should also be considered.
  • Ask for a quote. The final determining factor is always how much each periodontist will have you spend on their services. Ask yourself, does your budget work? If yes, go ahead and make the appointment.

The best periodontist Beverly Hills

For Beverly Hills residents, there is no better periodontist than Dr. Alex Farnoosh DDS., the award-winning gum specialist that invented the gum bleaching technique used widely today. His client list includes some of the biggest celebrities in this town. Find me at my Beverly Hills practice at 8920 Wilshire Blvd Suite 517 in Los Angeles or contact him via my number (424) 363 94-85.

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