Fly-In Dentistry Program

To make your smile aesthetically beautiful, Dr. Farnoosh offers a number of aestheically-oriented, specialized treatments that simply aren’t available from dentists in most parts of the United States…or the world for that matter. That’s why so many patients who need the services of a highly specialized periodontist fly to Beverly Hills, near Los Angeles, to benefit from his specialty procedures, including black gums treatment and cosmetic gum surgery to correct a high lip line.

Smiling,Bearded,Male,Sitting,In,Airplane,Seat,At,Tray,Table - Fly-In Dentistry Program - Dr. Alex FarnooshTo help make the trip easier for these patients, Dr. Alex Farnoosh has created a Fly-In Dentistry program. This simple program gives you 4 clear steps to enhancing your smile and takes the guesswork out of traveling to our office.

Conveniently located in the heart of Beverly Hills, cosmetic dentist Dr. Farnoosh maintains an office close to many popular attractions for patients and their families. Within just a few miles, there are a full range of shopping options, museums, restaurants, and other award-winning tourist attractions.

You can learn more about our Fly-In Dentistry program and get started planning your trip when you contact us online or call (310) 928-1796.

Expert in Gummy Smile & Dark Gum Correction

  • Certified by the American Board of Periodontology
  • International authority on cosmetic dentistry
  • Fly-In Dentistry ProgramInvented minimally invasive gummy smile correction techniques
  • Pioneered patented gum lightening treatment
  • Authored 40+ works in medical journals
  • Trains dentists in gum bleaching and gummy smile treatments
  • Transformed smiles of thousands of patients around the world

Four Steps to a Beautiful Smile

Step 1: Consultation

Before your treatment, Dr. Farnoosh will need to review your existing dental health and structure so he can recommend appropriate treatment options.

Your consultation can take place soon before your treatment or you can submit photos and information requested by him ahead of time and have Dr. Farnoosh perform a “virtual consultation.” Either way, Dr. Farnoosh is committed to creating a custom plan to help you love the look of your smile.

Step 2: Scheduling

After your case is reviewed, we’ll contact you to discuss recommended procedures, fees, and scheduling your treatment. We can also recommend nearby hotels and help answer questions related to air or ground transportation for your stay in Los Angeles.

Step 3: Fly-In for Treatment

When you arrive, you’ll be welcomed into the office and will fill out any new patient paperwork that was not already submitted. Dr. Farnoosh will meet with you promptly to begin your procedure.

Most procedures, including gum bleaching and gummy smile treatment, can be performed in one day. Depending on the amount of recovery needed, you may be cleared to head home the same day as your treatment, or Dr. Farnoosh may want to see you for a check-up a day or two after treatment.

Step 4: Return Home and Recover

You can choose to stay in Los Angeles for several days to complete your recovery and take advantage of all the city has to offer, or you can head home as soon as Dr. Farnoosh gives you clearance. In the rare case where additional follow-up care is required, Dr. Farnoosh can refer you to a skilled dentist or periodontist in your area.

Your health and safety is always his top priority.
Dr. Farnoosh has successfully treated patients from across the United States and around the globe. He looks forward to helping you improve the look of your smile.