Gum Bleaching After-Care

Watch this video to learn more about post-operative care instructions to ensure the best possible result from your gum bleaching treatment.

Post-op instruction. We usually give a written post-op instruction to the patient. We give an icepack. And if I put that Band-Aid, which is a surgical dressing to protect the brand new tissue, because right after the treatment, the gum tissue looks really red and then we turn gradually will change and after a week or ten days, become nice and pink color.

So the instruction is nothing hot temperature wise, right after the treatment. Obviously, using the ice bag, the first 24 hours and the if I put a Band-Aid, a dressing, they can eat and they can chew it, you know, go on their normal diet and normal routine without any limitations. But after the dressing is removed, they have to be careful for maybe one week because that brand new tissue does not have any protection. After one week or ten days, that top layer is full. Then they can eat or do whatever they want to do.