How Does Gum Disease Affect My Health?

Watch this video to learn more about how periodontal disease can affect your overall physical wellness.

How the gum disease affect the general health. A very important question because in addition to the damage and infection in the mouth, which may cause swelling of the gum disease, enlargement of the gum tissue, bleeding, redness, sensitivity or loss of eventually loss of the tooth. But that infection will affect the entire body. It has been well-established, can cause cardiovascular disease, can make you prone for diabetic condition, may result in pre-term low birth weight babies and even has been related to some sort of cancer.

So the negative impact of the periodontal disease is tremendous and for that reason, the sooner you receive the treatment, the better off, for two reasons: it would help the overall condition of the health. Number two will prevent any bone loss and eventual loss of the tooth.