How is the Gum Bleaching Procedure Performed?

Watch this video to learn more about the aspects of the gum bleaching process, as well its advantages over traditional laser treatments.

How is the gum bleaching procedure performed? The technique that I invented, the way is similar to derma abrasion, because keep in mind the cause of the pigmentation of the gum tissue or discoloration of a gum tissue is a pigment called melanin, and that is usually placed very superficially under the gum tissue. So derma abrasion the way I do it, I remove the top layer of the gum tissue. So the underlying tissue is at the beginning red and later on will change to nice and pink color. One thing is I’ve seen a number of cases which I’ve done it myself a laser had been used to change the discoloration of the gum tissue. The cases that I’ve followed using a laser have much more tendency for relapse.

The chance of re-pigmentation or discoloration coming back is much, much higher using the laser compared with the technique that I use. The best example, as I said, the case, my own case. This is 17 years later after the treatment and I have if I show you 25 years later, after I had the treatment done on myself. One thing I was getting so many emails after I published my technique, how I was able to do the treatment on myself because you have to do it in a mirror. It is so difficult and requires a tremendous, tremendous dexterity and control to do the procedure on yourself.