How Long Does Gum Bleaching Last?

Watch this video to learn more about Dr. Farnoosh’s personal experience with the longevity of a gum bleaching treatment, as well as lifestyle factors that can cause further gum discoloration.

The cases, as I said, of follow up cases. Best example myself, up to 25, 26 years after the procedure is done, the gum still look nice and pink. But I’ve had maybe two or three percent of cases that because of the medication that the patient was using, for example, Cyclosporine, medication, Prozac for depression. There are many medications which may cause the discoloration of the gum tissue.

In those cases, obviously, you may get a relapse in some areas or smoking was the best example. Those obviously is out of my control, but generally speaking, it would last for ever at least 25 years. My own mouth, which I treated myself. Looks a still pink and beautiful.