How Long Does the Gummy Smile Treatment Last?

Watch this video to learn more about factors that affect the longevity of a gummy smile procedure, and why it is a superior option to Botox injections.

How long the gummy smile treatment last. The final outcome depends on, again, complexity of the case. Overall, all the cases that I’ve done, the end result stable, except some of the cases the patient has extremely hyperactive muscles. So even after lowering, the muscles will continue to pull the lip up. In those cases, usually about 6 to 8 weeks after the procedure is done, I recommend to have a Botox injection and Botox, then what it does by loosening the muscles would minimize the chance of pulling effect.

The one thing I should mention about Botox, you know, Botox nowadays is given by many people, by dentists, nurses, the dermatologist, plastic surgeon, general physician. The problem is not everybody is familiar where to inject because there is some trigger points, a specific point as far as the site when the muscles are responsible are pulling up.

So the site of injection is important and the amount of units are also important. For example, I had a lady from New York City she was trying to avoid to do the surgery as she was getting Botox. She got Botox almost 85 units. It got to the point that Botox had no impact whatsoever. So finally, she came from New York and had the lip lowering done.

So the Botox, although it helps, but in this case, I usually recommend 6 to 8 weeks after the procedure is done, after the lip lowering is done. And you don’t have to have it every three months or four month. Maybe you have it once about a month after the lip lowering and another shot if you need it, that would be about a five or six month.

The advantages or rationale behind it that would minimize the chance of relapse by loosening the muscles which are responsible for pulling up the upper lip.