How Long Does the Dental Implant Procedure Take?

Watch this video to learn more about the timeframe for receiving a dental implant in accordance with what methods are required for your particular case.

The placement of dental implants, the amount of time needed. You’re talking about one hour or less for the sake of discussion. I’m putting one implant. 45 minutes, one hour. Assuming patient has adequate bone, the width and length. But if it needs a bone grafting, augmentation, or additional treatment, it may take longer. But generally speaking, 45 minutes, one hour, one implant, and the once the implant is placed inside the jaw.

You have to allow enough time until implant fuses with bone in the upper jaw. Since the bone is softer, more spongy would take longer time, but usually allow about six month. The lower jaw more is more dense and requires a less time. So about two or three months after placement of implant where the lower jaw would be adequate.

But for the upper, and that means before we can uncover the implant, put a crown on top of it or put a denture on top of it. So that’s a time limit for the lower jaw. About three months for the upper jaw, about six month approximately.