How Long Does the Gum Bleaching Process Take?

Watch this video to learn more about the timeframe you can expect for the gum bleaching process, as well as proper after-care instructions.

How long the bleaching would take, usually depending on how wide area we are treating. But to give you some idea for the upper front doing their six front teeth, you’re talking about maybe 40 minutes, 45 minutes. If you have to do the entire upper jaw may be extended to almost one hour. The treatment is done under local anesthesia, so there’s no pain involved.

And many times after the the procedure is done, I put a layer of a Band-Aid like a dressing for a couple of days that would protect the brand new tissue. And usually I’d recommend the patient, after that Band-Aid is removed, they should avoid drinking or eating anything which may discolor the gum tissue, because the gum tissue brand new does not have a protection for ten days or a week.

After ten days or one week, no problem. But during that time, they should avoid drinking like a pomegranate juice or blueberries, anything which may discolor the gum tissue. After one week, no problem. They can go back to their normal diet and normal routine.