How Long is the Gum Disease Treatment Process?

Watch this video to learn more about the factors that will determine the length of your periodontal disease treatment.

Gum treatment. Length of the gum treatment, depending on what kind of treatment you need. Sometimes, if it’s just a deep cleaning, depends on hygienist is doing it or the dentist is doing it, keeping on. Again, we are dealing with the first segment of the mouth or four quadrants, and I would say each quadrant may take about 45 minutes or one hour.

That’s as far as length of time needed for deep cleaning. But if you need a surgical treatment, again, depending on what needs to be done, sometimes it’s just to open debridement, which takes less time, but sometimes it needs augmentation of the site For example, you have to have implants. And one area that you have lost a tooth, you have a severe resorption of the bone.

So there is not adequate bone in that area. Augmentation or reconstruction of the site needed, Obviously, that takes a longer time. So what on average, each surgical treatment for, I would say maybe one hour an hour and half, again, depending on who is doing it and the complexity of the case.