How Long is the Recovery Time for Gummy Smile Treatment?

Watch this video to learn more about the different factors that determine the healing timeframe you can expect after your gummy smile treatment.

The recovery time for gummy smile treatment again, depends on the procedure. For example, if the crown lengthening is done right after the procedure and you can do your routine and as far as you know, talking or whatever you need to do. But if we do the lip lowering, which is another option right after the treatment, the upper lip will be kind of tight and gradually with time, which may take about five days or six days, will loosen up and everything gets back to normal.

One thing I should mention many people are concerned about doing a lip lowering may change or alter the expression of the face. It has no impact whatsoever. Everything look exactly the same. The difference is when you are smiling, you are showing less gum tissue.

So if you are concerned about lowering the lip, what is going to happen to my face or my lip will be different? Absolutely not. At the beginning, the first week, the live will be tight and gradually it will loosen up. But there has no negative impact whatsoever on the overall expression of the face.