How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Watch this video to learn more about dental implant pricing, and how the type of professional performing the procedure affects the overall cost.

How much the dental implant cost? the cost for each implant. Keep in mind there are more than 250 companies making dental implants. So the cost of the implant itself, one factor it could be as cheap as $50 or could be as expensive as 600 or 700, just the cost of the implant alone. But keep in mind, when you’re talking about the cost of dental implant, who is doing it?

If you’re general dentists is doing a general practitioner would be much cheaper if the dental specialist or implantologist is doing it or periodontist are doing it. The cost would be much higher. When I say much would be higher because they have more experience, more education, more expertise dealing with dental implants. So the costs, I would say, generally speaking on average would be about maybe 2000 for each implant up.

So if you need to, depending on how many implants you need now that’s the cost of the surgical treatment. On top of it, you have to add the cost of the story. If you keep in mind that on top of the implant you need a crown so that costs. Again, I would say an average 1500 up.

So again, the main issue here is who is doing it. A general dentist is doing it or a specialist is doing it. I would suggest obviously if I need an implant, I would go and see a specialist periodontist or oral surgeon, someone who has more experience, more knowledge, have done more cases dealing with the dental implants.