How Much Does Gummy Smile Treatment Cost?

Watch this video to learn more about what variables determine the overall cost of receiving a gummy smile treatment and what financing options we offer.

How much the cost of the gummy smile treatment depends on because there is a wide range of a treatment depends on what we are planning to do. The easiest procedure would be crown lengthening. That means increasing the length of the tooth, minimizing the display of the gum tissue. The cost for the crown lengthening is about up to maybe around $2,000.

If there are other options such as lip lowering, which I introduced a term of lip lowering to minimize the display of the gum tissue, the costs would be more somewhere, maybe around 4000. Sometimes you need a combination of a number of treatments to be done together, which could be up to 6 to 8000 maximum for the treatment of the gummy smile depending on complexity of the case.

So each cases is different. Now, if you are concerned about depending on how you are planning to finance, we provide the financing through third company like CARE credit and all the advantages you can pay the amount in six months without paying any interest. Obviously, as you know, someone has to pay the lender. In this case, we pay the lender to provide that as a courtesy to help our patients.

So we try to help you as much as we can to, you know, get approved. And for example, if you go through CARE credit, pay that sometimes a six month or sometimes we can offer you even one year. So you can pay within one year or six months without really paying any interest, whereas you realize your regular credit card, they may charge you 18%, 20% or 25%. So that’s in case you decide to finance. We offer that option.