“I Went From Gummy to Glam!” – Sarah Johnson, 24

Dr. Farnoosh’s innovative, new method of treatment of the “Gummy Smile” (Lip Repositioning) was published in Look Magazine.
“I’ve always disliked my gummy smile and overbite – I thought they made me look like a horse. As I got older, I became increasingly self-conscious about it. I’d keep my mouth closed in photos or cover it with my hand when I laughed at jokes.
I didn’t think there was any way to fix my gummy smile. I saw lots of doctors and all they could offer was surgery to break my jaw and reset it – a painful procedure with a long recovery time.
Then this year, I was online when I came across a YouTube video showing a Beverly Hills dentist, Dr. Alex Farnoosh explaining a procedure to lower a high lip line, so that it revealed less gum when you smile. By chance, I had a trip to visit a friend in California planned, so I called Dr. Farnoosh’s office to discuss the operation and sent over a picture of my mouth. I was so excited when he said he could help.
I had the surgery while visiting my friend. It was a simple procedure and took just an hour. Cuts were made in the piece of skin that connects my upper lip to my gums, and then my lip to my gums, and then my lip was reattached to my gum further down, preventing it from moving above the gumline when I smile.
It took five days for the swelling to go down, which made eating difficult at first, so I had to stick to soft foods – but the transformation was instant. While my lip felt slightly tighter when I smiled at first, but I’m used to this now. My smile looks normal and as the incisions were inside my mouth, there’s no visible scar.
Now my friends and family are thrilled to see me smiling for a change. It cost me $4000, but it was worth every penny. The change to my face means more to me than anything else I could buy with that money. My new look has given me something to smile about and I’m proud to show it off!”
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