Good news for men and women with dark gums: a Los Angeles cosmetic dentist has developed a gum bleaching technique that takes less than an hour. Even better, the results are long-lasting.
Beverly Hills, CA, (October 2010) – Esteemed Beverly Hills periodontist and cosmetic dentist Dr. Alex Farnoosh created a treatment for bleaching dark gums that is more effective than past laser methods. The technique is proven to instantly remedy pigmented and discolored gums with results that last for several years.
Healthy gums are generally pink and uniform in color, although this can vary from person to person. When melanin – a pigment responsible for skin tone and hair color – accumulates in the gums, they can discolor and darken. Certain physical conditions, smoking, and some prescription drugs can also contribute. Some people are hale and hearty yet still experience discoloration. Those living with dark gums are often self-conscious and unaware that a solution is within reach.
“I read about Dr. Farnoosh on the Internet and requested a consultation. Within a week I was in Los Angeles,” says Farah T., one of Dr. Farnoosh’s many out-of-state patients. “I know it sounds cheesy – but in just a few short hours, all of my insecurities melted away and I have the smile I have always dreamed of. I cannot believe I waited so long to do something that was so life-altering and so simple.”
Dr. Farnoosh is at the forefront of periodontal cosmetic dentistry. From gum bleaching and gum grafting surgery to treating gum recession and lip lowering for gummy smile correction, Dr. Farnoosh has a solution to your medical or aesthetic problems. Dr. Farnoosh is an academic professor, board-certified periodontist and dental surgeon, and has been published in over 40 scientific publications, including the Journal of Periodontology and Journal of Pathology.
“I have been treating three important elements which make an attractive smile – gums, teeth and lips –for over 25 years,” says Dr. Farnoosh. “Most of my patients with dark gums are treated in under an hour and gum pigmentation does not return, even after many years.”
The social, psychological, and physical benefits of healthy gums, teeth, and a beautiful smile are immeasurable. Patients feel more attractive, confident and at ease in social settings. Find out more about treatment for dark gums when you schedule an appointment online or call (310) 928-1796 to set up a consultation.
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