What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Watch this video to learn more about how mental implants can restore your smile if you have missing or broken teeth.

The benefit of dental implants. The major point is the preserving the natural and neighboring teeth. So you are not damaging or cutting the adjacent teeth. But in addition, the implant will provide again, foundation for people who need a denture because the regular denture conventional denture. What is going to happen? Gradually the bone will resolve and the denture get loose.

That’s the reason they have to go every six months or every year to realign or to use the various ointment or what have you to increase that retention. Now, that’s a problem with the conventional denture. If you have implants, this, number one, you’re minimizing their chance of resorption because the pressure is applied against the implant rather than directly on the bone.

More important, the retention. When you have the implants, sometimes it’s just two implants in the upper jaw, sometimes four or sometimes six, and then the denture is fixed to these implants, what we call an implant supported denture. So there is no way that the denture can wobble or move during a speech or eating or laughing or what have you. As a result, it has a tremendous, tremendous positive impact on self-confidence or self-esteem of individual.