What are the Different Types of Gum Bleaching Treatments?

Watch this video to learn more about different gum bleaching treatment we offer in our office.

Basically the different types of the gum treatment, as I mentioned to you, would be similar to Derma abrasion removing a top layer. What is different is some people they have a wall, they have additional discoloration of entire upper jaw and entire lower jaw, but when they are small, only showing the upper front. So we limit the treatment to the upper front and the cost are usually is about maybe 1500.

But there are some patients when they are small, it shows all the way the back teeth and obviously will show the discoloration of the gum tissue. If we only treat the upper front, then you have a big contrast between the area which is treated and the area which is untreated. So I would recommend those cases that shows the entire upper jaw on the back molar to have the treatment done of entire upper jaw.