What are the Types of Treatment for a Gummy Smile?

Watch this video to learn more about the different corrective options we offer if you are unhappy with your gummy smile.

What is different types of treatment for gummy smile treatment? The simplest procedure would be a crown lengthening, that means in order to minimize the display of a gum tissue, the length of the dentition or length of the teeth will be increased, but are reducing the display of the gum tissue. That’s called crown lengthening. And the one thing I should mention here, many people are using laser now to reshape or minimize the gummy smile by reducing the amount of the gum tissue.

The problem with that is the tissue has a tendency to relapse after a few months and so will come down exactly the same position where it was before. So ideally, when you’re talking about a crown lengthening, not only the soft tissue, the gum tissue, but underlying bone has to be reshaped as well. So that’s a limitation. And the problem with the laser, there are many cases that I’ve done.

I’ve seen people who are planning to have veneers. Obviously the gum tissue has to be kind of level and the treatment of a gum tissue has to be done first. And what I’ve noticed for the time being, using a laser, you can see the length of the teeth have been increased and the amount of the gum tissue has been reduced. But two months later or three months later, the tissue will grow back and come down. So that’s a limitation, a problem with laser.