What Causes the Need for Gum Bleaching?

Watch this video to learn more about what situations in which gum bleaching would be the best solution.

The need for gum bleaching, I think is very important because in order to have an attractive smile and three elements are important. Once would be establish of the dentition. You have to have a good looking teeth. In addition, you have to have a healthy and pleasant looking gum tissue. So and then third element is the position of the upper lip.

So when you have a discolored of gum tissue, it doesn’t look good, would distract from the beauty of your smile. As I mentioned, it’s like you put a lousy frame around a beautiful picture. So those three elements, the position of the upper lip, not too far high and not too far low the color and health of the gum tissue and the status of the dentition when they join together in proper ratio will create an attractive smile.