What is a Dental Implant?

Watch this video to learn more about dental implants and how they are an ideal solution for missing or broken teeth.

A dental implant is replacement of natural tooth and is made of titanium and more recently zirconium. It has two parts, the root part which goes inside the bone and the bone will fuse with the bone and a top part which sit on top of the implant, which is a crown. Now based. So there are basically two stages of the treatment.

One is the surgical phase that we replace the implant inside a bone and one is restorative phase that we put a crown on top of the implant. The beauty of implant and the main advantages we do in order to replace that missing tooth, we do not have to touch or damage the adjacent teeth. Let’s assume for the sake of discussion when you have a tooth missing here, in order to replace it, you have to have a bridge.

In order to have a bridge, they have to cut the tooth each side, adjacent area, in order to make that bridge to replace the missing tooth. The beauty of the implants, you can place the implant right in the center without touching the adjacent go neighboring teeth. So that’s the main advantage. In addition, for many people who have dentures, the implant would support a more stable structure.

So the denture will not move. That’s becomes a real issue. Many people feel insecure. In fact, according to some survey, 50% of people insecure about their smile. And because some people who have a denture they’re concerned about as they talk, the denture will move wobbling or maybe eating or talking, smiling. All those are issues. What implant does will provide the fixed foundation.

The denture will sit on, the implant will not move. So the inventor invention of the implant, I should say, has revolutionized the practice of dentistry. People are far more secure and as far as smiling or speech or eating, they feel more confident and they have more self-esteem.