What is Gum Bleaching?

Watch this video to learn more about the gum bleaching treatment process and how Dr. Farnoosh has developed the technique.

The gum bleaching basically in somebody means changing the color of the gum tissue. But is interesting history behind it because when I invented the technique back in 1980, I had a patient, young lady from Atlanta, Georgia, who had a beautiful veneers on, and she came to me and she said, Is there any way, the veneers were beautiful, but she has extremely dark gum tissue sitting against it.

And she said, I’m not really happy with this. And she had seen 25 dentists and hygienist in several states from Connecticut, New York, Chicago, all over. And she was told by 25 dentists on a hygienist, nothing can be done. Like you cannot change the color of your skin. So when I saw her that day, it was bothering me.

So I went home. I was trying to come up with what we could do to change the color of the gum tissue. Something came through my mind and I came to the office. I happened to be a pipe smoker. And actually, this is. I can show you. This is my own gums before treatment because I was smoking. As you can see that dark and after that treatment that shows the results like ten days later became nice and pink.

And so actually that shows 17 years later, and this is my upper jaw. This is all the dark patches that you see indicated by arrows. This is before treatment and this is after treatment. So when the technique I evaluated, I published it in International Journal of Periodontist and Restorative Dentistry, which is like a Bible, like the New England Journal of Medicine.

Also my technique was shown on NBC doctor Show and in addition was published in New York Times best seller in the book $1 Billion Smile, published, authored by Dr. Bill Dorfman. So since that time, I’ve been using this technique, I’ve treated thousand or 2000 cases from all over the world. And the important thing is, as I mentioned before, I should emphasize that the color of a gum tissue is extremely important, has a negative impact on your smile.

The analogy that I use, you may have a most beautiful painting if you put a lousy frame around it, has a negative impact and it distract from the beauty of a picture. So when that lady from Atlanta came and I had a treatment done, she was sitting on a chair and crying for a half hour. She was emotionally so excited and happy. In fact, she took a picture after the treatment send to that 25 dentists and hygienists that you told me, ‘nothing can be done’.