What Should I Do or NOT Do After a Gummy Smile Treatment?

Watch this video to learn more about the proper post-operative care practices after undergoing a gummy smile procedure.

What you should not do after the gum, or do after gummy smile treatment. Usually after the procedure, they give a patient a post-op instruction, but right after the procedure we give them an ice pack. That would minimize the possibility of bleeding and also minimize the degree of swelling. Like certain procedures, such a crown lengthening, you don’t have to worry about swelling or anything of that nature.

But if we do the lip lowering, there are some cases you may get some slight swelling. And if you have a tendency for bruising, you may get a little bit black and blue. But nowadays, thanks to COVID, because of the mask, everything is covered. So nobody can see. We are talking about maybe three days or one week, maximum. After one week, even if you get swelling, that would be completely gone. The bruising will be completely gone.