A unique gum bleaching treatment developed by Beverly Hills periodontist and celebrity dentist Dr. Alex Farnoosh is highlighted on an episode of the television show, The Doctors.
Beverly Hills, California (April 2010) – Beverly Hills periodontist Dr. Alex Farnoosh invented a safe and permanent black gum treatment. This groundbreaking system was recently featured on CBS’s acclaimed medical talk show The Doctors. An actual patient of Dr. Farnoosh also appeared live on the show to provide testimonials of Dr. Farnoosh’s astonishing results.
Dr. Farnoosh’s gum bleaching technique is simple and effective. By applying a medication (bleaching agent) to the discolored gums, the pigmentation and the discoloration are removed permanently and will not return. The entire process takes under an hour and is pain-free. In addition, patients do not need any downtime from their responsibilities.
“My method of gum bleaching has positively affected my patients’ confidence and self-esteem in so many ways,” says Dr. Farnoosh. “Just 45 minutes of their time positively benefit them for the rest of their lives because pleasant-looking gums are required to have an attractive smile and will enhance the beauty of the teeth.”
Gum discoloration is a genetic condition, commonly associated with a Middle Eastern or African heritage. Environmental factors such as smoking and the ingestion of some medications can also cause dark gums. The psychological and emotional effects are staggering. Patients often experience embarrassment and shame, and sometimes refrain from smiling altogether.
The Doctors is a highly rated daytime talk show on CBS centered around health and medical issues. The show was created by the producers of Dr. Phil and features a panel of medical professionals from varied and extensive backgrounds who seek to answer questions directly from viewers.
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