Dr. Alex A. Farnoosh, a Beverly Hills periodontist, pioneers an innovative lip lowering procedure to help fix a gummy smile.

Beverly Hills, California (June 2010) –Smiling is something we do every day but seldom think about. It is an important and powerful part of communication – a universal sign of happiness. But for many people with a gummy smile – a high lip line in which an excessive amount of gum tissue above the teeth is shown – smiling can be a source of anxiety or even shame. Beverly Hills periodontist Dr. Alex Farnoosh developed an innovative solution to correct a high lip line and restore confidence to his patients.

“Most people who seek my lip lowering procedure are apprehensive, hopeless, and scared because they either think there is no solution or they have been told about a very invasive jaw surgery used to fix a gummy smile,” says Dr. Farnoosh. “It is my goal to instill confidence in every patient, and my results speak for themselves time and time again.”
For many tormented by a gummy smile, a solution seems too good to be true. Sometimes, before and after photos simply aren’t enough and questions remain. Below are three actual unsolicited testimonials from Dr. Farnoosh’s patients who underwent treatment in 2009:

“I always hated my gummy smile, but now I smile confidently and I cannot be happier! I had the lip lowering procedure done. It has been about 15 weeks since my surgery, and I can still feel a tiny bit of tightness. The healing process takes time but is not painful or bothersome. Very few people even noticed I had the surgery. There was no major discomfort and I could do all of my daily functions after surgery. This is especially important because I was able to keep the surgery a secret. I highly recommend the surgery to anyone seeking a solution to a gummy smile.”

“Before I had the surgery, I was concerned that my upper lip would look longer or my face would look different but the surgery had no negative effects on the appearance of my face or my upper lip. In fact, my upper lip looks fuller, nicer, and shows less gum after surgery. I love my smile now and I wish I had the procedure done earlier.”

“I came from Ireland to have the lip lowering done because I suffered for almost 20 years and I was afraid of having jaw surgery to correct my “gummy smile.” I hated my gummy smile. I flew to LA and had a consultation to have lip lowering done on a Thursday afternoon and had the surgery done on a Friday morning and went back to Ireland on Monday. It is the best thing I have ever, ever done! It is like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am so glad that there is someone of your skill helping people. It has not only changed my life but also everything around me in a small way as I feel more content. My parents are just so happy for me.”

If you or someone you know is seeking treatment for a high lip line, Dr. Farnoosh offers individualized procedures to meet the unique needs of every person and achieve a pleasing smile.

Request a consultation or call the office at (310) 928-1796 to schedule an appointment.

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