Dr. Alex Farnoosh explains that, while many people may suffer from various forms of gum disease, few realize how their ailment can be perceived by others.
Beverly Hills, California (June, 2011) – While gingivitis may not seem like a significant problem to many unsuspecting people, dental professionals all over the world agree that it is a serious complication and can lead to more overlooked issues that can impact a person’s health, well- being, and even happiness. Beverly Hills periodontist Dr. Alex Farnoosh of The Total Smile, argues that gum disease can, and will if untreated, create unsightly cosmetic problems like discolored gums, bleeding around the gum line, and eventually tooth loss.
As a leader in gum disease treatment, Dr. Farnoosh recognizes that proper gum care is essential to overall physical and mental health. Dr. Farnoosh comments, “Even in the mildest form of gum disease, gingivitis, a person can experience halitosis (bad breath), bleeding, swollen gums and even tooth loss. These issues are noticeable to others around the person and can have an impact on their work, romantic, and even home environments. The social stigmas created for a person are very real and, ultimately, his or her self-esteem and positive outlook can be in jeopardy.”
Dr. Farnoosh can attest to his patients’ desire to not only keep their teeth and gums healthy but also attest to their interest in keeping their smiles attractive. Over the last few years, many studies have shown that positive self-esteem is directly related to how they perceive their own personal attractiveness. “Especially in this economy, where people may find it difficult to find or even keep a job, it is important for all those concerned to keep a positive state of mind and attitude. It can be as simple as brushing daily and seeing a dentist regularly. Proper brushing techniques and flossing often can be enough to prevent gum disease and future, more aggressive gum problems. Healthy gums create dazzling smiles and those smiles may turn the eye of the right employer or prospective partner.”
Not only is a person’s social life at risk, but his or her future health can be affected as well. Gingivitis can turn into more serious forms of periodontitis and those suffering from heart disease or other immune deficiency diseases can put their overall health at great risk as certain gum diseases can affect those people more severely. “Currently, roughly 75% of adults in the United States suffer from some type of gum disease and of those individuals, 25% have the disease at moderate to serious levels.” Dr. Farnoosh adds, “Fortunately, this is a preventable and treatable disease. I encourage my patients to make their oral health a top priority and I make early detection for various gum diseases and oral cancer a standard procedure when performing an exam.”
Dr. Farnoosh, founder of The Total Smile and recognized periodontist in Beverly Hills, has treated gum disease for over 25 years and recognizes that most patients should be proactive in checking often for gum disease problems. He recommends a preventative strategy via regular appointments to fight oral cancer and periodontal diseases.
Find out how Dr. Farnoosh provides excellent gum treatment as part of his patients’ smile makeovers when you schedule an appointment online or call (310) 928-1796 to set up a consultation.
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