Do you have dark gums that you think make your smile unattractive? We can help you fix this. Our dark gums treatment involves a specialty treatment by our experienced Beverly Hills dentist. It was invented in the 90s by our dentist who used it on himself and still enjoys the benefits to this day. If you want to learn more about this gum bleaching treatment, please keep reading and then give us a call to set up your free consultation.

What Causes Dark Gums

There are several reasons why you might have dark gums. Some of these reasons are no cause for concern. Other reasons should send you to a dentist right away.

A lot of our clients who are interested in dark gums treatment naturally have darker gums. This is because of the melanin in their bodies. This is natural and it is not a reason to be alarmed. There is nothing technically wrong with this, but many people find that they do not like their smiles because of the darkness of their gums.

Some reasons why you have dark gums but should be concerned about it include smoking, gum disease, Addison’s disease, etc. Smoking seems to be a big culprit for people who have dark gums. Sometimes quitting can clear up the issues.

What is the Process for Dark Gums Treatment

The process for getting your gums bleached in our office is fairly straightforward. You can come in for an initial free consultation to get all of your questions answered by our Beverly Hills dentist before we determine that this treatment is right for you. We will examine your teeth and mouth to make sure you are healthy and there are no underlying issues that will be aggravated by this cosmetic treatment.

When you get your treatment done, you are going to have some numbing to your gums before you have the bleaching material placed. It will sit on your gums, either the entirety of your gums or dark spots, for a designated amount of time for the treatment to be effective and safe. From there, your recovery period will be brief. You can essentially go about your day afterward.

Is Laser Dark Gums Treatment Available?

Our office does provide laser gum bleaching treatment. Our dentist does know that laser treatment is the right option for some of our clients. We do however focus mainly on our patented gum bleaching treatment that Dr. Farnoosh invented back in the 90s. We would be happy to set you up with a free consultation to discuss which bleaching treatment is right for you.

Call Our Beverly Hills Dentist Today

If you want to have dark gums treatment to get a more attractive smile, we would love to meet with you right away. We are here to help you look your best. Give us a call to set up a free consultation with us today.

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