If care and treatment were the same everywhere, you would not have to spend time looking at different doctors, electricians, plumbers, auto mechanics, and hair salons. However, we all know that there are those in any industry that provide higher levels of care, and these individuals are the ones you want to work with most so you can get the best results possible. The same is true when it comes to the care and treatment of your teeth, gums, and mouth. You do not want to see just anyone for care, and when you want to visit an expert and pioneer in the field of periodontics care, you want to come to us at The Total Smile and see Dr. Alex Farnoosh.

Dr. Farnoosh and His Accomplishments

Dr. Farnoosh has been a top periodontist and cosmetic dentist for over twenty-five years in the Los Angeles area and has helped thousands of patients from all over achieve better healthier smiles. He has been published in many periodicals and magazines, is a Clinical Professor at the University of Southern California (USC) for over thirty years and has appeared many times on television and in newspapers discussing periodontics. He is considered a worldwide expert in gum care so that you know you are working with the best when you come to see him.
Dr. Alex Farnoosh – A Gum Expert and Pioneer1

Dr. Farnoosh is a Pioneer

Dr. Alex Farnoosh has developed several treatments over the years that provide patients with a top-level of care and the best results they can get for issues like a gummy smile or dark gums. His dark gum treatment is a patented method of care, giving patients with dark gums the chance to have brighter, pink gums and get rid of the dark pigment for good. Dr. Farnoosh takes great pride in providing patients with a personalized, more comfortable, and reliable treatment. That way, they can get the best results.

Come See Dr. Farnoosh

To learn more about Dr. Alex Farnoosh and The Total Smile, look at the pages here on our website so you can see all Dr. Farnoosh can do for you. To make an appointment for a consultation, you can fill out the contact form on our website and a member of our staff will get back to you soon. Alternatively you can phone our office at (310) 928-1796. You can come in and find out just how Dr. Farnoosh can help transform your smile.

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