You see them all over Los Angeles, people who are too afraid to smile and laugh freely, and instead only offer up restricted smiles that do not show their teeth. Problem gums are one of the biggest reasons why people do not have the confidence to smile naturally. Unattractive gums not only affect the smile but may pose a risk to your health. If you have decided that enough is enough, and want to regain your smile, then you need to see an expert gum specialist in Beverly Hills. At The Total Smile, Dr. Farnoosh can get you a better smile that will give you fresh confidence and allow you to feel free when you laugh in public.

Getting Rid Of A Gummy Smile

The gummy smile is a problem that prevents people from smiling properly, because their upper lip lifts too high, resulting in people seeing a great deal more gum than is usual. If you notice that you laugh and smile in a way that exposes almost all of your gum line, then you may start to feel ashamed of this and feel as though people are staring at you when you are out in public. To resolve the problem of the gummy smile, it was common to perform major dental surgery that took a long time to heal, but Dr. Farnoosh has developed a specialized manner of treating this condition that will allow you to be freer and more able to laugh without feeling self-conscious. With this simple operation, only the connecting tissue of the lip is cut and reattached, resulting in a much nicer smile with reduced recovery times.

Treating Other Gum Complaints

Although Dr. Farnoosh has specialized in treating an excess gum line, it can also help you with other gum-related conditions. For example, your gums may be too dark, and you may want them to be bleached brighter. We can offer you help with this, as well as periodontal treatment on missing teeth, and correcting your smile in other ways. We are here to assist you with any problems that you might have with your gum line, and we can also assist you in correcting receding gum lines using gum grafting and coverage of roots. All of these techniques will help you to improve your smile and feel more confident when you are in public.

Get Expert Gum Treatment Today

When you need help with your gum line, you need to reach out to The Total Smile. Our gum specialist in Beverly Hills is highly qualified, with many years of experience in handling the requirements of gum surgery and other treatments. Rather than settling for a gummy smile or missing teeth, you can get the results that you have always wanted with the help of Dr. Farnoosh. For more information about how we can help you with periodontal disease, gum loss, and gummy smiles, simply reach out to us now online or call (310) 928-1796 for a complimentary consultation.

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