We all want to have a beautiful smile, but sometimes achieving that look can be more difficult for some of us than others. Taking good care of your teeth is an important factor in having a great smile, but sometimes even that may not be enough. There can be factors involved in your life that influence the way your gums look, and the look of your gums can completely alter the look of your smile. You may not know the best way to go about getting help with your gums, but here at The Total Smile, our gummy specialist in Beverly Hills, Dr. Alex Farnoosh, can provide you with the help you need to change your smile and your life.

A Specialist to Restore Your Confidence

When your smile does not look as great as you want it to, it is going to influence your confidence. You will not feel good about yourself or the way you look, making you smile less frequently. You may even find that you want to go out less and less, causing you to withdraw from friends, family, and social situations. Getting help with your gums from an expert specialist like Dr. Farnoosh can help restore your gums to the look you want. You will find your confidence soaring and your smile growing after treatment, making you feel better about yourself.
Gummy Treatment Available in Beverly Hills

Gummy Treatment Available in Beverly Hills

When you come to see our gummy specialist in Beverly Hills, Dr. Farnoosh can help you with several gum issues you may face. If you find that your gum tissue is too dark of a color, our gum bleaching and whitening techniques can permanently restore your gums to the healthy pink color you want. If your smile shows too much gum tissue, there are procedures available that can help change your look, concealing and removing excess tissue.

Talking with a Gummy Specialist in Beverly Hills

The best way for you to find out more about the help that is available to you is to talk to our gummy specialist in Beverly Hills here at The Total Smile. You can set up an appointment with Dr. Farnoosh by filling out the contact form here on our website or by calling us at (310) 928-1796. Take the initiative and start moving towards having the beautiful smile and level of confidence you want.

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