Many people have a great smile that gives them confidence and makes people more interested in what they have to say. If you have a good-looking smile people are more likely to take you seriously and you will also feel more confident when you are speaking publicly. For some of us however, there is something holding us back from the perfect smile, preventing us from feeling fully confident. It can even make us feel as though those around us are staring, aware of our problem. If you would like a quick correction of your gummy smile today, then The Total Smile team is here to help you.
How the Total Smile Can Give You New Confidence

What Is A Gummy Smile?

For some people, smiling reveals an excessive amount of gum line, sometimes lifting their lip so far up above their teeth that they feel as though they are smiling like a horse. If you are aware that your gum line shows very clearly when you smile, then you may decide that the only option is to have a treatment that reduces the gum line and stops your lip from curving up to reveal so much of your mouth. We can help you to correct that smile.

A Modern Treatment to Improve Your Smile

If you are certain that you want to correct your smile and boost your confidence, then you may be interested in our treatments, which are not those of most dental surgeries in America. Traditionally, dentists would perform with jaw surgery or an operation on the mouth to change the lips. However, we have a new way of correcting your smile that does not involve the use of surgery. Instead, we can give you both nonsurgical and surgical options designed to prevent your top lip from pulling back to far over your teeth.

Try a New Treatment

If you are interested in how we can help you to improve your smile, then you can talk to our team today about the different options available to you. We can perform a number of different treatments which will help you to improve your smile, and boost your confidence. In addition, we also offer other types of dental therapy that will change your smile for the better. To start receiving treatment from The Total Smile, you need to reach out to us by sending a message to our team using our online form, or by calling us at (310)657-0503 now.

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