Antioxidants found in black raspberries have been shown to suppress the growth of cancerous cells. Los Angeles Periodontist Dr. Alex Farnoosh explains the reason for excitement over these findings.

Beverly Hills, California (May 2012) – In recent years, many studies have focused on the health benefits of antioxidants. Dr. Alex Farnoosh, a Los Angeles periodontist, is making his patients aware of new research that shows anthocyanins, the antioxidants found in black raspberries, may have the ability to ward off oral cancer.

Oral cancer takes the lives of more than 7,000 individuals each year. Treatment of the disease is based on eliminating cells before they turn cancerous. Of those people receiving treatment, one-third will experience a recurrence within a year. Because of this, researchers have been working hard to establish better ways to suppress the conversion of precancerous cells into cancerous cells.

Funded by the Ohio State University Center for Clinical and Translational Science, the study was headed by Susan Mallery, D.D.S., Ph.D. She is a professor in the College of Dentistry at OSU and an oral pathology consultant at the OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center and James Cancer Hospital. Along with her team, she has studied oral cancer and strategies for preventing the disease for three decades. In 2003, Mallery and her team began to identify the benefits of anthocyanins and ways to utilize the powerful antioxidants.

Their work led to the development of a gel containing anthocyanins that can be applied directly to the mouth. The groundbreaking treatment was shown to suppress the genes needed for the cells to turn cancerous. By stopping this conversion, the risk of recurring lesions is greatly diminished.

“In my practice, I advocate the use of antioxidants to keep my patients’ overall health at its best,” says Dr. Farnoosh, a periodontist in Beverly Hills. “This study is amazing in that this specific antioxidant is directly related to the types of oral cancer I treat. The benefits of anthocyanins are clear and quite exciting.”

This research paved the way for more developments in the fight against oral cancer. In 2009, Mallery and her team sought a way to treat precancerous lesions in the mouth and keep them from recurring. Taking inspiration from breast cancer treatment, the team used fenretinide to create a patch that sticks to the inside of the mouth. This patch delivers a constant dose of fenretinide to the legion. The full benefits of anthocyanins are yet to be discovered, but the progress made by this research is essential in fighting oral cancer.

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