By massaging high fluoride toothpaste onto the teeth researchers report four times more fluoride protection.
Beverly Hills, California (July 2012) – Patients everywhere know the importance of brushing their teeth daily, but a new study examines a new technique that can help deliver even more protection against tooth decay. By using high fluoride toothpaste, which contains more than three times the amount of fluoride than regular toothpaste, researchers went further in testing different methods to deliver that toothpaste more effective. They found that rubbing the toothpaste onto the teeth with a finger was as effective as brushing for delivering fluoride into the mouth. Adding this method to a regular brushing routine in combination with high fluoride toothpaste can give a patient four times the amount of fluoride protection. Fluoride is an important tool in strengthening teeth and protecting them against tooth decay. Los Angeles Periodontist Dr. Alex Farnoosh comments, “Many patients are familiar with the usual fluoride rinse provided by their dentists during their exam but they may not be familiar with other ways to incorporate fluoride more effectively into their daily routine. This study is an exciting development that can assist dental professionals like myself in better protecting our patients against gum and tooth problems.”
Published in the March 2012 issue of Acta Odontologica Scandinavia, researchers from the University of Gothenburg’s Sahlgrenska Academy tested various brushing techniques on 16 volunteers. The volunteers were separated into groups that brushed two or three times a day with either high fluoride or standard toothpaste. The study found that the individuals who brushed with high fluoride toothpaste had four times more fluoride protection than those who brushed the same amount with regular toothpaste. Added to this test, researchers also tested the massage technique as a method to increase fluoride protection. By using the high fluoride toothpaste, volunteers were instructed to massage the toothpaste onto their teeth. It was found to be at least as effective as another brushing to increase the amount of fluoride in the mouth. Though this technique is innovative in that it can add a new level of protection in the mouth, researcher Anna Nordstrom comments that the technique should not replace regular brushing in the morning and the evening but be used an added habit in a person’s brushing routine. “Finding new ways to better protect our patients is the best outcome studies like this can have.” Says Dr. Alex Farnoosh, “Fluoride is a great tool we have in the fight against tooth decay, this study highlights a fantastic new way to ensure good oral health.”
Countless studies have shown the effectiveness of fluoride and the ability it has to protect teeth and gums against tooth decay and other bacterial problems. Regular treatments of fluoride offer patients an easy way to ensure good dental health. As a top periodontist in Los Angeles, Dr. Alex Farnoosh knows the dangers of tooth decay as it can lead to discolored gums, periodontal disease and even tooth loss. Correcting these issues require dental implants, various cosmetic procedures and a myriad of other techniques that can be costly and invasive. It is in the best interest of every patient to seek early prevention of these and other issues.
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